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Hello My Name Is Jessica

Below you will find a couple words about myself

This blog my way of sharing the joy of travel with the world… This site was curated for the benefit of like-minded travelers, to promote traveling, share information and travel resources. This site is my opportunity to document my adventures, release my creativity and write whilst simultaneously and hopefully, inspiring others to follow suit. (case- follow with their suitcase… get it?)

Through hard saving and a strong passion, I have been able to travel independently to countries such as Laos, Cambodia, India, and Morocco – just to name a few. Before my current position as a Flight Attendant I was working 3 jobs though full-time university to commit to my love for travel. At 21 I chose to move out of home and overseas to join the waitresses of the skies merely after seeing a Facebook ad. I had always wanted to be paid to travel and living in Dubai as an expat stewardess seemed to click. At 22 now I have found so many comfort in this ‘jet-setting with jet-lag lifestyle’. 

Inspiration is all you need sometimes to kick-start a dream you never knew you had. Although apparently, I have always been independent. On day two of kindergarten, I told mum I would walk to school by myself. I had been there once, so I knew my way around.

In 2005 my family moved overseas and lived in the Solomon Islands for several years. The Solomon Islands is a country consisting of six major islands and over 900 smaller islands above Australia lying to the east of Papua New Guinea and northwest of Vanuatu. I grew up in the country’s capital, Honiara, and through primary school, I weaved grass skirts, learned how to island dance, cut coconuts with bush knives (machete’s) and traveled to different islands with friends during the school holidays. It was there I learned to love adventure and developed a passion for experiencing a new culture.

Just about 3 years after my families’ expat experience we had moved back to Australia and I joined the school choir. Why did I join the choir? Because through the grapevine, young Jess, eager to go overseas once more, heard they had a trip planned to go to America. I told my school friends I had always loved singing and was just far too scared to apply the previous year. This was a total lie. I lied to my friends for months even contributing to the year 8 gossip sessions about how pathetic the students now signing up for the choir were after hearing news of the trip. I mean who would go to singing classes for months, performing in country towns and singing competitions if they hated singing? Well, I did. I kept that act up for months until the day the school canceled the excursion. I quit that very same day. Emily- I am sorry for the lies.

After graduating I stumbled upon travel bloggers- their content and my passion drove me to pack my things and backpack South East Asia and India for the first time at just 18. The trip was incredible and it was then that I had been bitten by the travel bug. (thank god it wasn’t malaria)

A few months after arriving home I was convinced by my father to enter some travel photographs into the Discovery Chanel’s first Travel Internship competition. I was voted into the final 5 which afforded me an interview in the finals out of 10,000 entrants for my photojournalism and videography. Although not successful the opportunity had me consider my passion for content creation seriously and I am now proud that regardless of the result I’m pursuing this dream independently.

So what can you expect from my blog? Well outside of travel you’ll find social campaigns for causes I love, a bit of beauty and a lot about veganism. At only 16 I committed to this lifestyle and theres no way I’m turning back. You’ll find me discussing cafes and animal-free delights that would tantalise even the toughest carnivores. From the travel, ethics, beauty, food and so much more I hope to hear you find something a little inspiring, intriguing and a whole lot fascinating on my blog. Thanks for stopping by!  

By reading about my adventures I hope that you too will pack your bags and explore the wonderful world around us.

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